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Trident Deluxe Save-A-Dive 40 Piece O-Ring Kit

  • Trident Deluxe Save A Dive 40 Piece O-Ring Kit
  • Contains 40 various pieces in a plastic case
  • Also contains 1/4 oz. container of silicone lube
  • Great for your tank valve, hp and lp air hoses Works well for cameras, pressure gauges, dive lights
Price: $ 11.00
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Fantastic service - great instructor!

Fantastic service - great instructor, checked out other Scuba shops, they were more expensive and less customer friendly.  Would recommend to this business to friends and family.

- Mike, Minneapolis, MN

 First Aid Training from Cental States Safety.  First Aid, CPR, EFR, NSC, AHA and Red Cross Training in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.