Trident Deluxe Save-A-Dive 40 Piece O-Ring Kit

  • Trident Deluxe Save A Dive 40 Piece O-Ring Kit
  • Contains 40 various pieces in a plastic case
  • Also contains 1/4 oz. container of silicone lube
  • Great for your tank valve, hp and lp air hoses Works well for cameras, pressure gauges, dive lights
Price: $ 11.00
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Great Dive Shop!

Great Dive Shop, the instructor went out of his way to explain things and he was super patient. My husband has been trying to get me Scuba certified for years and I kept putting it off, but now that I am certified, I really wish I had done it sooner. The process was a lot easier than i thought it would be, and the teacher walked us through everything in a way that was really easy to understand. after I got my certification, my husband and I decided to sign up our two kids (14, 17) and now our whole family is certified.  I would say this place is family friendly and a great place to take classes and buy equipment.

- Bertha, St. Paul, MN


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