Public Safety DivingSupervisor

Supervise Emergency Response Diving Teams

The Public Safety Diving Supervisor Course is to qualify the experienced emergency response divers to supervise emergency response diving teams. It also serves to develop leadership qualities as a prerequisite for Public Safety Diving Instructor.



  • Who this course is for:

  • An Public Safety Diving certified public safety dive team member looking to advance in a supervisory role
  • An Public Safety Diving certified public safety dive team member seeking skills and knowledge to assist an Public Safety Diving Instructor
  • A public safety diver looking to maintain team standardization and safety in compliance with OSHA and NFPA guidelines


Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18
  • CPROX1st or equivalent
  • Proof of 50 public safety logged dives as a member of a recognized public safety dive team
  • Current medical examination for diving


What you can expect to learn:

  • Skills necessary to assist Public Safety Diving Instructors as appropriate
  • OSHA regulations and NFPA guidelines
  • Anatomy of public safety diving accidents
  • Supervising and controlling divers in varying conditions
  • Cooperation with interagency operations
  • Interactions with bystanders, media, and victim’s families


What’s in it for you and your team?

  • Professional experience to assist in the supervision of operational calls
  • Standardization and safety and recovery procedures
  • Developmental tools to help maintain team


Public Safety DivingSupervisor minimum requirements:


Watermanship skills:

  • 800 metre swim with mask, fins, snorkel non stop
  • 100 metre approach to a fully suited diver followed by 100 metre diver tow
  • 15 minute survival float; last two minutes hands must be out of water
  • 500 meter distance swim non stop

Response diving skills:

  • Recover a drowning victim demonstrating correct procedures for handling evidence recovery
  • Recover a small object demonstrating correct search pattern and awareness for evidence handling
  • Act as incident commander in compliance of NFPA 1561 and:
  • Assess and secure scene
  • Brief and deploy team
  • Supervise the recovery of small object, large object, victim recovery, and primary diver trouble
  • Supervise decontamination procedures
  • Debrief the team
  • Demonstrate ability to safely approach and provide assistance to panicked diver on the surface
  • Demonstrate ability to successfully complete a rescue of an inert diver from a depth of no more than 6 metre/20 feet in black water, or simulated black water

Leadership skills:

  • Assist with complete Public Safety Diving I or Public Safety Diving II course
  • Score minimum 80 percent ERD Supervisor written exam, with 100 percent remediation

Great Dive Shop!

Great Dive Shop, the instructor went out of his way to explain things and he was super patient. My husband has been trying to get me Scuba certified for years and I kept putting it off, but now that I am certified, I really wish I had done it sooner. The process was a lot easier than i thought it would be, and the teacher walked us through everything in a way that was really easy to understand. after I got my certification, my husband and I decided to sign up our two kids (14, 17) and now our whole family is certified.  I would say this place is family friendly and a great place to take classes and buy equipment.

- Bertha, St. Paul, MN


Boy Scouts of America can earn their Scuba Diving Merrit Badge at the MidWest School of Diving in White Bear Lake, MN, a suburb of the Twin Cities of MInneapolis and St. Paul.