2024 North American Ice Diving Festival – March 2nd (Saturday)

The 2024 North American Ice Diving Festival will be the largest Ice Diving event in regards to scuba divers under the ice on one day with over 20 scuba manufacturers showcasing their product lines. With the warm weather this winter, the manufacturers tents will be on shore along with the food vendors.
The 2024 Ice Diving Festival will be held on East Twin Lake City Park in Nowthen, MN, the parking for the festival will be at the Twin Lake City Park.  The Ice Festival will be roughly 100 yards out on the ice from the boat lauch easily identified by a 25ft inflatable red scuba diver.
Visitors and spectators are welcome to come out watch the event and meet with the scuba manufacturers showcasing their respective products.
We are now accepting registration for the Ice Festival.
To register for the Ice Festival email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call MidWest School of Diving at 651-653-1174
Last year 2023, we had 79 divers from 26 states attend along with folks from Europe, Aia and North Africa and 1 Canadian Province, over 300 total visitors.
Here is a video from 2022 Ice Festival.
Here is a video form the 2023 Ice Festival.
For 2024 we are planning on 10 holes, each hole will have a warming tent.
• 5-6 holes will be dedicated to Ice Diving Certifications
• 2-3 holes will be dedicated for those individuals who are already Ice Certified.
Ice Diving Certification Requirements.
1. Advance Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent
2. Experienced Cold Water Dives
3. Classroom on Friday evening the 1st of March
    Safety Harnesses, Safety Ropes, Ice Screws will be provided.


Ice Certification:
• Scuba tank 80cf to use
• Commemorative t-shirt

Fun Dive:(Must already be Ice Certified)

• Scuba Tank 80cf to use
• Commemorative t-shirt
This year we are looking at over 100 divers in one day under the ice and attendance over 600. We have already received registrations from divers from around the U.S.(23 states), Canada.
We will have the following Demonstrations during the Ice Festival:
• Mons Dry Suits
• BARE Drysuits
This year we have received confirmation from the following organizations on attending and having a display in one of the tents that we will have on the ice:

Scuba Manufacturers who will be attending:

• Oceanic
• BARE ( If you are drysuit certified, BARE will be offering divers an opportunity to try and demo one of their drysuits.)
• Hollis
• Mares
• Cressi
• Ocean Reef
• Henderson
• Sealife Cameras
• Waterproof
• Sea and Sea Cameras
• Light n Motion
• Interspiro
• Neosport
• Underwater Kinetics
• Suunto
• Stahlsac
• Zeagle
• Big Blue underwater lights
• Surf Fur
• Lefeet DPV's
• Lavacore
• Atomic
• Mons Dry Suits
We are reaching out to additional manufacturers on attending.


• Veteran Scuba

Scuba Training Organizations Attending:

• DAN (Divers Alert Network) 


• A couple of local Fire Department Dive Teams

Diving Charters:

     Great Lakes

       • Sol Mates Charters
On Saturday evening there will be a no host social for divers to meet other divers from around the U.S., Canada and the world.
To register for the Ice Festival email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call MidWest School of Diving at 651-653-1174 with questions.

Fantastic service - great instructor!

Fantastic service - great instructor, checked out other Scuba shops, they were more expensive and less customer friendly.  Would recommend to this business to friends and family.

- Mike, Minneapolis, MN


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